My Very First Award!!

Today, I have received my very first blogger award –  “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award” from a fellow blogger, Lorna. Visit her blog here . Her blog posts are really interesting and makes you crave for sweets and tea 😉 She is very sweet person herself and often encourages all my work. Thank you Lorna!

Now here’s the rules for the award:

I am expected to share 7 interesting things about me and I am to nominate 7 bloggers for this award.

7 things about me:

1. My first choral concert is on May 16, 2012. It would be my dream come true!

2. I am Christian with strong faith in God. If there was one thing I would never want to loose, it would be my faith.

3. I can put on a 1 year old baby ring in my pinky finger. I am wearing one now. People say my pinky finger is cute. 🙂

4. I made it to the Wimbledon Semi Finals last year and I knew Djokovic would win the title and many more titles. I did not know who he was before I saw him there and I’ve never followed tennis my whole life but looks like he’s been on the success road ever since my visit to the Wimbledon 😉

5. As a child I used to love bugs and beetles but now I hate them!

6. I did not have a camera till about 6 months ago. I started photography about 5 months back.

7. I am a software engineer by profession but till I finished college, I hated computers the most and they topped my hate list.

7 blogs I would like to nominate: – Dianne for her beautiful nature photography blog. Extremely creative and very inspirational. – The first photography blog I visited and was spellbound. His photographs are truly unique and I do keenly observe his photos to get inspired. – One of the most inspiring blogs ever. He uses iPhone camera and iPhone tools to create his masterpieces. –  His Macro photographs are world class! Very simple, neat and crisp. A treasure for aspiring photographers like me

Name Hidden for time being: I am breaking the rule here by awarding it to a blogpost blogger but I really really wanted to award this blog for the inspiration it brings to people who want to adopt. This blog is my personal favourite and would remain in my top list. Julie, I am not posting your blog’s link (without your approval) considering that you may not want publicity but I wanted to award this to you ’cause you and your family deserve it! – for his wonderful photographs. His style is like mine (although I am not very professional), everything that is cool get’s onto his blog and that is what I like about his blog. Landscape, nature, urban, there is no defined rules and looks like sky is the limit  for Brian 🙂


I am now adding the name of the blog which was hidden previously. I’ve got the approval from the blog author to make it public – It is a very useful and inspiring adoption blog – very well deserved. Please do visit it… 🙂

8 thoughts on “My Very First Award!!

  1. Hi Sukirtha,
    Wow, I am flattered that you would want to nominate A Princess Born of India for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. It means a lot to me that others may find our adoption story inspiring in some way, as these children have brought such joy to our lives and we do love to share that. It is also nice to know that my journal for the girls has crossed continents and reaches those who are outside the circle of adoption blogger friends that make up the majority of my audience. I would love to accept the nomination and would love to extend our readership; however, the rules…naming 7 things about me that people don’t know and nominating 7 other sites on my blog, don’t quite fit with the intent I vowed to stick to when I started to blog. It is a journal for the girls, so I don’t advertise or write [much] about myself unless it relates to parenting them or my feelings about them. That said, I have perused your site and have enjoyed it very much. Keep up the good work and thanks for finding me so that I could find YOU!

    Wishing you continued success and thank you so much for the nod of approval. It means a lot!

    • I am glad you accept the nomination. I can understand you wouldn’t want to ruin the purpose of your blog. Keep up the good work 🙂 always enjoy reading your blog.

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